April 22 2014, 3pm

Heym just wondering, regarding art trades for scalemstes with drawing, could you give an example of the kind of skill level/art style you would want?

Right now with the number of projects I’m working on, I’m not looking to do more art trades at this point in time, though if I find someone with a talent I really like I might make an exception. I don’t know when I will have more free time in that respect. But I am still willing to do trades for what pumpkin gift cards right now.

But in general, in an art trade I would like to make sure an equal amount of effort and work is put in by both parties and that we both have polished works we otherwise could not make.

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April 21 2014, 6pm

Just really curious. How long did it take you to make all those scalemates?

Well, I stared working on the 34 Players a little after Christmas 2012 and I finished them on April 13 2013, just in time for John and Jane’s birthday. But that was when I was not in school. In about a year since then I have accumulated the rest of the army, along with a number of other projects I’ve worked on. Now that I’m back in school, I have much less time to work on them now.

But I guess you could say it’s been about 16 months since I first began the whole project at this point.

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April 17 2014, 11pm

Have an extended edition of my 4/13 Scalemate Party Post.

So here were some of the big photos I posted, but I took more photos of parts of it, and why not post them now.

These are all 100% handmade and hand sewn by yours truly, (because I hate machine sewing). And god do I love my Scalemate Armada. I would lie in the pile of them more if they weren’t so pokey.

Comments for the first set because captions aren’t enough space:

2nd photo: The Ancestor’s corner of the afterlife: Redglare & Mindfang are sizing each other up for round 2, Dualscar is trying to tell a joke in order to save his unlife and failing, Darkleer and Disciple don’t quite know what to do with each other, so they stare at each other awkwardly. Signless is both concerned for her because that is the Blueblood that killed him after all, and maybe a little bit jealous.  Dolorosa is consoling Psi after the trauma he went though being a starship. Summoner might yet interrupt the stare down between Darkleer and Disciple by accidentally whacking him off the step with his ridiculously magnificent (or is it magnificently ridiculous?) horns.

3rd pic: The Dream bubbles/afterlife. Sollux is chilling with his fishdates, Meenah & Vriska braiding hair and bitching about Aranea, Porrim disapproving of Cronus flirting with harassing Kankri, Mituna has his head in his matespit’s lap, Horuss is daydreaming about horses, Jade & Calliope playing troll dress up, the Nitrams are having brotherly bonding and being adorable, meowrails watching Terezi attack Gamzee (“Fuck yes!” “Nepeta” “Shut up, I’m watching, and hold still”), and Aradia just hanging out amongst the chaos. She’s in her element.

4th pic: Kind of where we’re at, should be self explanatory. (Go Terezi, murder that motherfucker!)

5th pic: Lord English is here to be a giant tantrum-throwing manchild, with his loyal servants of Kurloz and Damara, and the brainwashed Meulin. Condy and Handmaid are having a bit of a stand-off, (Damara are you checking out alternate self’s ass?) And John is here because John is everywhere and why not.

I do do commissions, here’s my scalemate tag for more loveliness,and here’s my FAQ page, and feel free to drop me an ask if you have any questions. They will get answered. Eventually.

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April 17 2014, 8pm

Lord English & the cherubs.

The reason he’s so big is that he’s at 120% scale to the normal scalemates, I felt it was fitting.

You’re actually looked at the new and improved Calliope and Caliborn, though it might not be immediately noticeable. I really didn’t like how their cheek swirls looked, and in retrospect I think they were actually a rush jo to finish in time for last year’s 4/13. But I redid their heads, this time doing embroidery.

As always, you can check out my scalemate tag for more photos, and I’ve been doing some ask answering as well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I also updated my Commissions post as well.

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April 17 2014, 6pm

this post reminded me, do you hand sew? how long did you work on your sea of scalemates?

Lol, I call it my army for a reason.

Well, I stared working on the 34 Players a little after Christmas 2012 and I finished them on April 13 2013, just in time for John and Jane’s birthday. But that was when I was not in school. In about a year since then I have accumulated the rest of the army, along with a number of other projects I’ve worked on. Now that I’m back in school, I have much less time to work on them now.

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April 17 2014, 5pm

UPDATED: Scalemate Commission Info Post!


Okay first off, let me say this: I can not sell scalemates, or any other homestuck plushies. They are Andrew Hussie’s IP, and he has said that selling homestuck plushies are a no-go.

(And furthermore the patterns are also someone else’s work, you can see the lishliz pattern here.)

What I can do are Art or Gift trades, like for instance drawings, cosplay items, or What Pumpkin gift cards.

Any art trades would depend on the individual circumstances, but I included an estimate of the price for a giftcard trade.

Plushies themselves:
I make all plushes custom for the recipient, none of my current collection is up for trade. I can certainly reproduce already-made scalemates based on characters, but I will not use my personal projects as gift trade material just because they’re already made.

I have also decided to not do any of the Snoutpack at regular size, as they are available from What Pumpkin.

With regards to prices, I will say that for one I do not want to undercut What Pumpkin’s prices for their scalemates, and secondly my work is completely handmade. If you think the price is too high, just don’t get them.

I’m mainly going to talk about Scalemates below, because those are the ones I am so known for, but I am working on other homestuck plushies as well, and will be willing to do those, but price estimates would be done on an individual basis.

Regular Scalemate:
A custom scalemate of your choosing. It can be one of the Kids, trolls, or any other designs. These come with a tummy symbol of your choice. If one of the Beta or Alpha trolls (i.e. Karkat & co or Meenah & co), they will also come with their horns in a single gold color.

Prices: These range from $35-$40. Those that fall under the later category are trolls which require a bit more work then the others, so essentially: Captors, Amporas, and Peixes. Because of double horns and fins.

Deluxe Scalemate:
Scalemates that would require more work then the regular ones would fall under here, though there is definitely a range to the amount of extra work that one could require.

Estimates for price for additional options (These are just estimates and if you want something more complicated I will raise the price accordingly)

  • Tri-color horns, add $10 (they are annoying and frustrating to do)

  • If you want feet bottoms in a plain fabric those are free but if you want symbols on them Add $5 per design.

  • If there would be any painting involved, like Porrim’s tattoos, Makara’s face paint. Add $10-20 depending on how extensive the painting will be.

  • If there are going to be wings involved. (cough Rufioh cough) Add $15

  • Additional accessories like Mituna’s helmet, Feferi’s skirt, hoodie (god-tier or otherwise), a cape, or some other type of clothing start at $10

Other things which fall under this section but I do not have an exact estimates for at this time, as it really depends on the project in question

  • Fantrolls who have a different horn pattern I would have to create patterns for, depends on how difficult they would be to make.

  • Sprites

  • Ancestors in general, because yesh those fuckers. For the moment, let’s go with I am willing to do all Ancestors, but if you really want a Summoner, please remember you are covering shipping.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what one you wanted would fall under.

Since apparently I’m doing these now too.

Mini-mates are 80% scale of the regular scalemates, and thus are 80% the price.

Ones without painted tummy symbols (eg Pyralspite or Lemonsnout) are $20, but ones that do have a tummy with symbols fabric painted on are $25. (If you wanted them embroidered add $5).

As of now, the mini-trolls do not come with their horns, as I have not quite figured out the best way to do those yet. If you really want them with horns, I can get back to fiddling with designs, starting with yours. (But again that would raise the price.)

Since these are physical, they will obviously be mailed.

Art Trades: Shipping will be paid by the recipient, except in trades where you will be mailing something to me directly, in which case I’ll cover the shipping.

WhatPumpkin Giftcards: The price of shipping will be included in the price of the work and thus covered in the gift card.

Reminder: Shipping between USA/Canada is usually around $5 for a package like this, but international shipping gets very ridiculous very quickly.

I can’t say how long it will take me to make your scalemate, depends on what is going on in my life at the time and what other projects I will be working on, but I will probably be able to get it out within a month, hopefully. A more exact time estimate will be given when I start making them.

How to contact me:

You can drop me an ask saying you want to set up a trade. Please be specific to what kind of plushie you are interested in if you already know, though if you don’t know yet that is also okay.

I would prefer to talk more specifically with each person, and I think you probably would too. We can then continue to talk via tumblr’s asks or fanmail if I happen to also be following you, or I can give you my fandom skype name.

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April 16 2014, 8am

Okay, I’ve been putting it off a bit because school, but today I am going to respond to every inquiry I’ve gotten about Scalemates!

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April 14 2014, 10pm

Here’s Handmaid!

Her horns were actually the hardest to do, yes even worse then Summoner’s! His were long but fairly simple to sew and turn out, but the damn curves here took forever to slowly pull inside out and then stuffing them.

Funfact: Much like how Summoner has a 3 foot dowel running through his head to hold up his horns, Handmaid actually has chopsticks in her head to help support her horns.

And here is the Megido family picture, I don’t know why I didn’t include Aradiabot, but I didn’t so oh well.

I’m sure before too long I’m going to do do some elaborate confrontation between her and Condesce, and take photos of my sillyness, so stay tuned for that post I guess. And one last: Welcome to all my new followers! I hope you like scalemates and reblogging because that’s pretty much what this blog is.

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April 13 2014, 1pm

scALEMATES what pattern did youuse i love them!! plus, how did you make horns and where did you get all the perfect buttons?

I used the lishliz pattern, here is a link to her tutorial and pattern.

For the buttons I like to use the Favorite Findings Big Basic ones.

I found mine at Joann, but the other day I saw that Wal-Mart had some packages of them. The button colors can differ from package to package, probably due to how much dye was used in the plastic when they were made, so buying them in person might be the best idea to get the colors to match perfectly if you like want 2 orange.


As for how I made the horns? With great difficulty.

It wasn’t as bad towards the end when I figured it out more, but fuck figuring it out was not fun. I drew the pattern of what i wanted on paper, remembering relearning that you need to make the pattern much wider to account for seam allowances and to make the 2-d design 3d.

Then I cut out two pieces of fleece and sewed them together. For the tri-color horns, I cut the pattern into 3rds and cut each piece out of red, orange, or yellow fleece. You need to always remember to leave room for the seam allowances as you cut them out though, and meticulously label all the pieces so you know what goes where. I’ve been saying I’ll do a little tutorial on it for ages, but I really should.

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April 13 2014, 12pm

Couldn’t find a way to fit them into my 4/13 party post, but here are two more that I just finished for my collection, Terezi in her FLARP gear and Grimdark Rose.

I have begun to notice a trend of my favorite Homestuck Characters mysteriously getting an additional alternate Scalemate. I don’t know what this means for Meowrails or Sollux. Yes I do.

Also, working on the giveaway atm, should be able to contact the winners hopefully before too long.

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April 13 2014, 11am

Party Post! Happy Birthday John and Jane! For your present I gave you a Dad, I’m doing this human birthday thing right, right?

You can check out my scalemate tag, for more insanity.


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April 12 2014, 10pm

Happy Birthday John & Jane!


A young man and a young lady stand in their room. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, is their birthday and the day that commemorates when their wild and crazy adventure with a certain game all began.

A game that they played with all their friends and allowed them to make all kinds of new ones besides. It’s just a shame not everyone could be there with them today.


Well who could that be?


Dad Crocker-Egbert: Are the two of you ever coming downstairs?
Jane: Dad?
John: Dad?
Dad Crocker-Egbert: Your party is today and we still need to get the house cleaned up before everyone- OOMPHF


Dad: Well what- what brought all this on?

Happy Birthday John and Jane, I hope you guys like your present! And I hope everyone will all be ready for the party later…

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April 12 2014, 3pm

You say Brainwashing Bitch like it’s a bad thing ::::)

God damn, do I love the Serkets. Ladies who do what they want to get what they want, and fuck the scruples blocking their way. And all the while knowing of their inevitable painful end brought about by their own actions. Damned to hell they may be, but man at they going to earn it and have fun all the way down.

Normally I would have a much longer post, but I’m still trying to get ready for April 13th tomorrow, but here’s a little taste of it. Be prepared for a big post (or series of them) with my scalemate army and a few new recruits.

Also, at midnight PST my Go Big or Go Homestuck giveaway is ending, so enter that while you can!

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March 21 2014, 5pm

Some other photos of projects I’ve been working on.

The minimates are part of the grand prize for my 4/13 giveaway. The photo looks like Karkat is either the human person sacrifice or the beta kids have decided he’s one of them now and won’t let him go stand with the other trolls. Both amuse me.

The Slowpoke was for a friend, and ended up coming out more like a vampire then I meant it to. The squiddles were for another friend, and I discovered you could do the best expressions just by pivoting the mouth around. I have a good sized pile of ones that just need their faces, which I will get to… at some point.

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March 16 2014, 3pm

Okay, now ya’ll remember last year when for April 13th I posted the above photo of my scalemate army? Well this year I’m celebrating 4/13 with an even bigger collection totaling over 50 scalemates, but I can’t celebrate this day alone, so I’m doing my biggest giveaway yet!

Since tumblr hates scalemates, me, and me giving scalemates, they like to nerf my giveaways on tumblr. (When you can’t view all the notes a post has). This is because giveaways are technically not allowed to run, though tumblr seems to have it out for me. (They are clearly just jealous that they didn’t win).

But anyways, I’m running my giveaway through surveymonkey. You click one of the numerous links to it in this post and enter your tumblr url, it could not be any easier.

This is both a repost and a revamp of my previous post for this giveaway. If you’ve already entered through surveymonkey, it’s okay, you’ve still entered! (If you’re not sure if you have, feel free to enter again, I’ll weed out duplicates here).

Now I’m willing to also count reblogs and likes from THIS post as additional entries, so long as this post does not get nerfed. The notes from the previous post of this giveaway do not count, because tumblr was doing weird shit to that one. IF this post gets nerfed, then I’m going straight to the responses from Surveymonkey.

Prizes! (Changed them a bit, these are the correct ones)


  • THREE CUSTOM SCALEMATES: These can have clothes, like god-tier hoodies, custom horns (for a fantroll if you’d like), and more! Details will be worked out with winner.

  • THE SET OF TWENTY MINI-SCALEMATE SET PICTURED ABOVE Beta trolls and the Beta and Alpha kids



  • ONE CUSTOM SCALEMATE: Same customized options as above.







  • Go and enter the giveaway over on surveymonkey, to make sure you’ve entered

  • You can like and reblog this post for additional entries (As long as this post does not get nerfed)

  • You do NOT need to be following me.

  • Ask must be open

  • You have 48 hours to claim your prize or it goes to the next person

  • Only open for those in the US & Canada

  • Prizes will take at least two months to finish, probably more, but I will be in contact with you.


You can also check out my scalemate tag for more photos or my Scalemate Commissions Post if you wanted more info on getting your own scalemate if you don’t win. (Note: I do not sell scalemates, I do art and gift trades only).

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